Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
— Unknown
  1. Kitchen Help:

    1. Food Prep: Chopping, seasoning, washing, mixing… sign up to be sous chef for a day or a regularly scheduled role.

    2. Cooking: Sign up to be the stand in chef when Jason is out or needs a second set of hands.

    3. Serving: Prepare the tables, serving buffet, put out the utensils and dishes, and help guests find what they need.

    4. Clean up: Clear away the dining area, wash dishes, load and unload the dishwasher, wipe down surfaces and put supplies away.

    5. Organizing: Unpack boxes & stock shelves, make labels, rearrange, and put away supplies.

    6. Pickup Deliveries: Lend your truck and/or your hands to pick up the food once a month. Bring meals to other locations for donation.

  2. Administrative Help:

    1. Front Desk: Answer phones, greet and sign in guests, organize forms and resources, light cleaning. We are especially in need of a volunteer for 8:30-11:30 AM

    2. Digital: Help keep the online calendars, social media and website updated. This is a job that can be done onsite or from home!

    3. Facilities: Organize the supplies, help to create systems, figure out the voice mail problems, schedule an coordinate contractors, basic problem solving and administrative assistance with facilities management.

  3. Event Committee: Join the events committee to plan and execute events at the center. Join as a member of the committee or run to be the chair, secretary, or treasurer!

  4. Advisory Council: Provide advice to the Board of Directors & Administrators at the center. Meet monthly to set and execute the agenda of the committee. Join as a member of the committee or run to be the vice-chair, secretary, or treasurer!

  5. Membership Committee: Make membership better by meeting and coordinating active and engaged members of the center. Set & help to execute the membership agenda. Run to be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer!

  6. Fundraising Committee: Cultivate donors, plan and execute fundraisers, assist with annual appeal, identify and assist in applying for grant opportunities, engage with community members and partners for in kind contributions & education/outreach. Run to be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, treasurer, or a grant writer.

  7. Ethics Committee: Ethics are foundational at the center. Become a member of the ethics committee and be available to review ethics concerns as they arise. Provide information and education regarding ethics in the practice of peer support. Sign up to be the chair, co-chair, or secretary.

  8. Syringe Services Outreach: If you’re a person with a history of IV drug use, and you would like to be trained to do outreach for the syringe services program, there may be opportunities to prepare the safe injection materials, accompany the outreach team on deliveries or contribute to other general harm reduction work at the center.

  9. Telephone Recovery Support: Be trained to make weekly phone calls to peers to check in on their recovery and offer support.