What is Recovery Coaching?

A recovery coach is a trained professional who also has personal experiences with addiction and recovery. They provide support, encouragement, validation, accountability, and guidance as you set and reach your goals. They can help you develop a vision for your future, a wellness plan, and a solid pathway for your recovery. A recovery coach will provide information, resources, and tools to build your recovery capital.

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What Recovery Coaches Do:

Promote recovery through support and education

  • Help remove barriers / obstacles to recovery & Build Recovery Capital

  • Connect peers to support services

  • Encourage hope, optimism, healthy living

  • Community Engagement and Advocacy

RCs work with Peers who want support, their families and friends. They can also help peers and community members become Recovery Coaches and CRSWs.

One on One Peer Support

  • Telephone Recovery Support

  • All Recovery Meetings

  • SMART Meetings

  • Group events and activities

  • Assistance becoming a Coach

  • Assistance becoming a Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW)

Telephone Recovery Support (TRS): TRS is an innovative approach to reaching out to people in all stages of recovery by having volunteers and coaches make outgoing calls to peers who sign up. Benefits include taking the stress off peers to call out for support by us calling them weekly; offering resources and accolades to keep their momentum going; reaching peers that are remote and isolated and can’t get to centers and meetings easily; and allowing them to experience that people do care about their recovery.

Peer Recovery Support (PRS): Pairing together Peer Recovery Coaches with Peers in various stages of recovery to provide one on one support on a weekly basis. Core focus on SAMSAHs “8 Dimensions of Wellness”.  Establish recovery focused goals, remove obstacles, offer guidance and celebrate accomplishments.

All Recovery: Unique meeting that brings together peers in recovery and their support people (parents, significant others, siblings, etc).  Meetings are topic/discussion and focus on immediate needs of those in the group. Meetings lightly facilitated by two coaches but driven by group attendees offering support to each other from their various experiences in their recovery and the recovery of their loved ones.


Once you are signed up with a recovery coach, you will schedule a series of sessions over the phone or in person. You and your recovery coach will define your future clearly, set tasks to reach your goals, share positive outcomes or eliminate barriers, and set goals for the next session. A recovery coach can help you develop a vision & a plan and be an accountability partner as you fulfill the wishes and dreams you have for yourself. A recovery coach always stays future oriented and always from a position of support.

Recovery Coaches meet you where you’re at without judgement, listen to what you’d like to change in your life, and help you take the steps to make those changes.

William White defines a recovery coach as: “a person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the newly recovering person to the recovery community, and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of the personal and family recovery...”

Recovery Coaches are not:

Recovery Coaches are:





Priests, Ministers or Rabbi’s

Fellowship Sponsors

Motivator / Cheerleader


Lifestyle Consultant


Ally and Confidant


Resource Broker

Peer Mentor

Community Organizer

Role Model