In recovery for a year or more and want to learn about becoming a recovery coach?

Recovery Coach Requirements:

o   CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

o   CCAR Motivational Interviewing


o   CCAR Suicide Prevention

o   CCAR Ethical Considerations

o   TRS Training

o   Center orientation & volunteering hours

o   Shadowing senior coaches

o   All coaches are required to receive one hour per month of clinical supervision with our contracted Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Councilors, an additional one hour per month of group supervision and one hour per month of administrative supervision.

CRSW Requirements:

·       Complete all Recovery Coaching Requirements

·       Complete 475 hours of coaching

·       get 25 hours of supervision

·       take an exam

·       Below are pieces of the APPLICATION PACKAGE.  Submit to the Board of Licensing as a package.

·       License:  $110      Exam $115