Members of the Keene Serenity Center include people in the recovery community who have chosen to support our mission to build a community that embraces ALL Pathways to Recovery. Memberships depend on a willingness to abide by the Code of Conduct while utilizing the Center. You can join as a person in recovery or as an ally who supports the mission and work of the Keene Serenity Center. Organizations can also join as allied members.  

Memberships renew annually in January, however you can become a member anytime during the year.

To build a strong and united community, Keene Serenity Center offers membership options:


A basic membership at no cost for those interested in joining the Keene Serenity Center to commit themselves to their own recovery. Peer members simply complete a membership form and may choose to work towards becoming a supporting member. Peer members will receive the Center Newsletter, announcements and invitations to Center events. Peer Members are not eligible to vote in Board Elections.


Supporting Members are members that either make a financial contribution or volunteer at the Center. Supporting Members receive the Newsletter, announcements, invitations to Center events and are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting for the election of the Board of Directors and changes to the Center bylaws

Volunteer hours required to become a Supporting Member:

  1. Apply to become a Volunteer online or download the form and mail or drop off at 34 Mechanic St.

  2. Consistently volunteer for at least 3 consecutive months -and-

  3. Accumulation of at least 40 total volunteer hours within an 8 month period (see volunteer opportunities here)


Financial Contribution required to become a Supporting Member:

  1. Minimum of $50 in the same year

*Supporting Members may join anytime in the year, but must be a member for three months prior to the annual meeting to be eligible to vote. 


Allied Members are community partners and stakeholders in the Recovery Community at large.  They include business partners, corporate donors, and community organizations that support the Keene Serenity Center.  Allied members receive the Center Newsletter, announcements and invitations to Center events. Allied members are not eligible to vote.

 Fill out the online Application Form below or print and mail/deliver the form to 34 Mechanic st:

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